Terms and conditions

  • Accommodation at the chosen hotels. In case the hotel must be replaced by another one of similar category due to availability reasons, such change will be communicated in advance.
  • The services specified in each itinerary concerning the meals included in each package will be detailed in each of them.
  • All the land services, especially the ones mentioned in each program.
  • Visa expenses for any country.
  • Passport expenses or proceedings.
  • Tips on board cruises, for guides, drivers, bell boys, etc.
  • Extra shuttles not specified in the tours.
  • Luggage excess.
  • Airport taxes.
  • Extra expenses of any kind or costs non-specified in the itineraries.
  • Argentinian VAT.

A 10% deposit of the total cost of the trip will be requested at the moment of booking. The total cost shall be paid off 20 days before the trip. Rates are based on valid rates and subject to change without prior notice.


The following percentages shall be withheld from the total amount plus the expenses the local operator and published products demand:

  • From 45 to 31 days before the service begins 25%
  • From 30 to 15 days before the service begins 50%
  • From 14 to 7 days before the service begins 75%
  • Less than 7 days before the service begins 100%

Hotels rarely assume any kind of responsibility regarding objects not specifically handed in for custody or not kept inside the safes at the hotel.

The hotels appointed at the end of each circuit will be subject to change.

In the event of hiring accommodation in a triple room, the customer will acknowledge to be aware that in most hotels, triple rooms per se do not exist, but they are double rooms with an extra bed. Space or comfort limitations this kind of accommodation might generate will be accepted by customers, exempting the hotel and the operator from any responsibility regarding such matter.


Buses will transport a maximum of 30 kilos per person distributed in a regular suitcase. Luggage excess will be accepted provided that the loading capacity of the vehicle allows this to happen. Excess may be rejected according to the guide’s discretion.

It is clear that it will be a decision of the guide or, in the event that there is no guide, the vehicle driver. Luggage is not a matter included in the transport contract. It is understood that travelers will keep luggage with them no matter where it is kept inside the vehicle. The operator is not bound to take responsibility for loss or damage experienced by any cause.


It is the responsibility of each traveler to bear a valid passport containing all the necessary visas and other required data. The organizer refuses any responsibility in case a passport is rejected by any authority for any cause and any expenses arising from this situation shall be in charge of the traveler. In this case, the cancellation policy shall be applicable (see Variations).


The operator and the service providers reserve the right to alter the itinerary or scheduled hotels if necessary in order to provide a better organization of the trip or if they were impelled to do so by force majeure.

The operator declines all responsibility pertaining delays, advance or cancellations produced by air companies or transportation companies and all expenses incurred by these matters shall be in charge of the customers. Should the tours not reach the minimum number of travelers foreseen or should the organizer be forced to suspend any of the outings due to a justified cause, the registered customers will not have any other right than the right to be reimbursed for such service, thus expressly resigning any other claim.

In the event that some of the members of some group should misbehave and evidently bother the rest of the passengers, the service operator may demand that they abandon the outing.

Customers who voluntarily desist from using any service included in the program will not be entitled to demand any kind of reimbursement for the services they chose to reject.


Hunt & Fish Safaris in Argentina Operadores Mayoristas, File 14059, Regulation 881, explicitly states that it operates as a broker between travelers and the entities or people that provide the services indicated in the itineraries, that is to say, transport companies, hotels, restaurants, etc. Therefore, it declines all responsibility for failures in any of the serviced rendered, accident, damage, wound, delay or irregularity that may occur to customers or their luggage and other belongings during the execution of the services rendered.

In the event of excursions on private or rented buses, the traveler will expressly abide by the regulations in force regarding road accidents corresponding to the nation where the vehicle has been registered, thus specifically resigning to any other right that might be applicable by virtue of which all compensations would be paid to the interested parties, beneficiary or legal representatives in the country where the vehicle has been registered and in the legal currency of such country. The payment of possible compensations in case of accident will only apply to insurance companies, being any third party such as airlines, sea liners, operators, etc, exempted from any responsibility.

Airlines participating in these tours will be considered responsible for any act, omission or irregularities that might occur during the times when passengers are not on board their planes or during the flights. The ticket will represent the only binding contract between the airline and the purchaser of these tours and/or the passenger.

LAW 18,829, DECREE 2,182/72, ARTICLE 21:

When it comes to waivers affecting the services hired by the agency, the corresponding reimbursement will be subject to the contractual conditions under which the corresponding companies render their services. In the event that reimbursements be made, the agencies will be entitled to making a deduction of up to ten (10) percent of such amount.

As far as reimbursements of non-used services are concerned and in the event that drop-off does not take place immediately, the agencies must present the request of confirmation of the amounts required by the traveler within five (5) days of the presentation of the claim before the companies rendering the services. Likewise, the corresponding amounts should be reimbursed within ten (10) days after reception of the corresponding liquidation.


Reservations including accommodation services or car rental only shall not generate any expenses.

The rest of the services will be charged U$S 5.- VAT included.

Operators’ reply is estimated to take place within 48 hours.

Modifications on requested files (whether confirmed or pending) will not generate any expenses, except if charged by the supplier.

Total or partial cancellations shall be charged U$S 10 + VAT.-, plus any expenses charged by the supplier, if corresponding.

In the event circuits / cruises / apartments and some hotels during the high season should be canceled, the corresponding withheld percentage regulated by each operator shall be applied in accordance with every case in particular, plus Hunt & Fish Safaris in Argentina Operadores Mayoristas may incur in.

These terms and conditions shall not be valid for cruise reservations. In such case, the specific terms and conditions of each company shall apply and taxes on annulments before 45 days may reach 100% of the total amount.

A partial payment shall be required upon confirmation of services including any circuit, cruise or service requiring it.

Air tickets reservations:in all cases, U$S 100.- are required as a non-refundable deposit in case of cancellation, except in the cases of Charter or Part Charter, when 100% of the air ticket cost will be required. This is a non-reimbursable fee.

In order to confirm the reservation, it should be paid off completely without any possibility of reimbursement in the event of total or partial cancellation, in most cases.

Parity established on March 15, 2006. This shall be updated at the time of requesting the corresponding liquidation.

Visas: we are not responsible for the information and the proceedings necessary to obtain a visa. We recommend travelers make the corresponding questions at the correct consulate to prevent any change from taking place.

Circuits: please bear in mind that the accommodation venues indicated for each circuit has already been established and is subject to change.

The rates published in this website are illustrative and subject to change and/or modification without prior notice. When it comes to confirming the rate, please contact our sales department to make sure such rate has not been modified.


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161, Misiones Avenue – Commercial Unit 2
Puerto Iguazú – Zip code 3370
Misiones - Argentina
Route 12, 1,599 km marker
Puerto Libertad – Zip code 3374
Misiones - Argentina
(03757) 155 35663
(03757) 425 738